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The territory

Characterised by hills and small villages perched on each hill, Monferrato, declared a 'Unesco Heritage Site', is a still intact and authentic destination, where each small community maintains customs and traditions that have been handed down unchanged for centuries. On the hills lie the vineyards that give rise to extraordinary wines, all waiting to be discovered.  Nature trails perfect for walking, horse riding or cycling connect villages that have maintained the rural atmosphere of yesteryear and have much to tell of history and legends

One of the smallest municipalities in Italy, the village of Olivola is part of Basso Monferrato, an area between Asti, Alessandria and Casale Monferrato. Since 1278, this settlement was owned by the Marquises of Monferrato and was subsequently granted as a feud to various families, including the Caloria and Ferraresi families.

Monferrato is also the territory of the 'Infernot': small underground chambers entirely dug into the 'Pietra da Cantoni' (local stone with which the 'Casot' were also built) closely linked to wine culture. They are true works of art, which can be visited in many villages during events or by appointment and have been registered, protected and enhanced by the Pietra da Cantoni Ecomuseum.

Nearby, it is possible to visit small towns rich in history and art: Casale Monferrato, Vignale, Asti, Moncalvo, Alessandria, Cella Monte,...